Skill Laboratry

The newly established skills and simulation laboratory of Bahawalpur colege of nursing will serve the purpose of developing student`s skills and attitudes during clinical training and will ensure patients safety, as the students will be ready to be exposed to patients from year 2 of clinical training. The mission of the laboratory is to promote clinical competence, ensure patient safety and enhance the skills of medical students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) during their training. Faculty who will participate in student`s learning experiences will impart their experiences during debriefing sessions and feedback, that will go a long way in improving the performance of students before they are exposed to real life scenarios. In this environment, the students will be exposed to manikins related to clinical, surgical, obstetrics, cardiac and pediatric specialties. The facilitators will help the students in exposing them to procedure and scenarios over manikins in a way to gradually enhance their skills as they progress during their academic years. This will be followed by evaluating these activities after the end of individual sessions so as to improve the performance of these students further. The laboratory is primarily intended for undergraduate students. But because of the availability of high fidelity cardiac simulators, it will be used for training of postgraduate students and faculty members to certify themselves in advanced cardiac life support activities. Basic life support workshops for medical students, general public and paramedical staff will also be available to promote the concept of BLS in public places.