Touseef Khan Blouch

Mobile:- 03322006872
Its my pleasure to welcome you in the renowned institute (Bahawalpur college of Nursing). Undoubtedly, you are on the right track and have made a wise decision by choosing this organization. Our previous graduated nurses have done their best in academics and in clinical areas. It is the matter of fact that our students are distinguish by their critical thinking, skills and practices. They are moving to position where they are able to transform the nursing profession at national as well as international levels. Thus, the graduates of Bahawalpur college of nursing can be found at the bedside of the patient, in classrooms, in communities and showing collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. In all the above mentioned fields they are actually showing their excellence which they have gotten from BCON in the form of knowledge, advance skills, attitudes and behaviors. It is actually filling my heart with pleasure that our college is going up and now I welcome the applications of the 7th batch of this college whole heartily. The environment of the college is providing a great opportunity for the students to shape themselves accordingly to the advance world of today. The learning environment is based on the vision and mission of the UHS and PNC. Our programs are unique in nature and we have selected the faculty members from the best institutions in Pakistan. They are refining the knowledge and introducing the new skills, techniques and practices in the studies and clinical to make the students competent and confident in their profession. Further to say, the student body consists of the students across the Pakistan. Hence, it is enhancing the richness of the studies as there is a cultural diversity among students. So, I am glad that you have made a right decision to join this college which is having the adorable qualities in it .

Abdul Mannan

Mobile:- 0301-7410116
A Warm welcome in to the Bahawalpur College of Nursing BWP, It’s a matter of pride to be a nurse in the present millennium the nurses are faced with the challenges of advancing technology, informatics system, modern demands & Development. Student's nurses are expected to understand their role & contribution in improving image of the profession in the society. On my special Message I would like to add that students who have chosen Nursing Profession which require scientific knowledge, logical thinking & Compassion in caring of the patient at health care settings. I wish them good luck for bright future. I can firmly assure that the students are not only trained for becoming a nurse but to become a perfectionist in this nursing profession. Wish you all the best.